Buy Asian furniture for sale with secure shopping.Oriental Antique Furniture, from China, Qing Dynasty Chinese Tall Red Lacquered "Tribute" Panels

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Approximate Age: 1800's
Origin: China
Material:Northern Elm (YuMu)
Dimensions:Width: 23" (58.5cm)
Depth:  1.5" (4cm)
Height: 127" (322.5cm)
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Red Lacquered "Tribute" Panels


These antique Chinese panels, from the Qing Dynasty, tell of a touching and inspiring tribute during the Qing Dynasty. As per our interpreters, the tribute carved into the panels is to a deceased grandfather on the third week anniversary of his death. The grandfather died at the age of 73, was a man of importance, honored by his family and overcame many obstacles in life.

The practice of carvings tributes on door or screen panels was common but the size of these panels suggests a family of wealth and importance. The top and the bottom sections are carved with floral designs, bats of happiness motifs and geometric patterns. The back of each panel has painted Chinese characters but are distressed.

Today, these panels are considered a work of art to be displayed and appreciated. They could be joined to use as a divider or mounted on railings to be used as sliding doors.

To continue honoring the memory of this man, the panels must be kept together as a set.

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