Travel to China with Silk Road Collection in 2011

You are invited to join Silk Road Collection on its annual group shopping and sightseeing tours. Each year we visit different cities and different regions in China searching for antique Chinese furniture treasures and silk, jade, porcelain, fresh-water pearls, and local crafts.

For Silk Road Collection's 3rd "Shopping / Sightseeing" journey to China--we are considering visiting Tibet, and southern China: Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau, Guangzhou & Guilin for two weeks during the summer of 2011!

Send us an email or call us to let us know that you are interested in joining the China 2011 trip!

The hotels are luxurious, 5-star and full-service.

The basic tour price will include USA to China to USA* flights, China intercity fights, airport-hotel transfers, hotel rooms, basic tours, and tour guides.

Group size is limited, so please telephone or e-mail us that you would like to join.

We can handle all visa arrangements and will assist you in obtaining your passport, if needed. We can also assist in using your frequent flyer miles.

Preparing for our Journey: Pack lightly-no one in China will notice or care that you have worn the same pair of jeans 4 days in a row. China has everything you may need in terms of supplies-shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste and most over-the-counter medicines. Bring your own prescription medicine however.

Based on our experiences, our hotels will have western styled electrical outlets and voltage-so your hairdryer should work. The hotels will offer you western food and the opportunity to sample authentic Chinese dishes.

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Please click here to email us for information about this trip and our future trips.

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