Tibetan Dream Workshop - Saturday, Nov 1, 6-8pm

Why do we have nightmares? What do they mean?

Dreams give us invaluable information about our lives, but they can be confusing oracles -- especially when they come in the form of nightmares.

Tibetan Buddhists view dreaming as an opportunity to awaken within our dreams, and prepare our spirit for its eventual passage into death. Join us on Saturday, November 1st - All Saints Day - when the veil is thin between the worlds of dreaming and waking, of living and dying, to discover the deeper meaning behind your nighttime visions.

That night, between 6pm and 8pm, Silk Road Collection will welcome Anne Hill (D. Min), host of Dream Talk Radio, to teach us how to recognize the presence of Spirit in all our dreams. Anne's unique background as an author, educator, and dream expert provides her with unique insight on working with frightening and profound dream images, and how we can allow these images to powerfully transform our lives.

The workshop begins with an introduction and overview of dream meanings, active dreaming, and problem solving in Tibetan dream theory, closing with a guided interpretation of participants' nighttime visions. Light refreshments will be served. Space is limited.
RSVP today at info@SilkRoadCollection.com or (504) 894-8540.

About Anne Hill: Anne is the founder of Creative Content Coaching, where she designs messaging and content strategies for people with wisdom to share. She teaches internationally, leads dream groups, writes for the Huffington Post, is a columnist for SageWoman Magazine, and is the host of Dream Talk Radio. She is on the faculty of Cherry Hill Seminary, where she developed and teaches a course for Masters of Divinity students on Using Dreams in Spiritual Direction. Her book, "What to Do When Dreams Go Bad: A Practical Guide to Nightmares" is available from Silk Road Collection or on Amazon, and will be available at the workshop.

More information about Anne Hill and Dream Talk Radio may be found at www.AnneHill.org

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When Dreams Go Bad
When Dreams Go Bad

Anne Hill (D.Min.) Author
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