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h1 Header - Used for Headline on Item Page

h2 Header

h2 Header Strong

h3 Header - Section Name above Item Pages' Related Items

h4 Header

h5 Header
h6 Header
This is Regular Font.
Bold Italic
Strong Italic

This is font size ONE. font-size: xx-small

This is font size TWO. This is Regular Font. font-size: x-small

This is font size THREE. font-size: small

This is font size FOUR. This is the font used in our travelogs. font-size: medium

This is font size FIVE. font-size: large

This is font size SIX. font-size: x-large

This is font size SEVEN. font-size: xx-large

This is the span style font used in our travelogs. It is the same as font size 4.
FFFFFF - White (above)
B60818 - Deep Red
E1CA00 - Yellow
8C8C00 - Olive Green
5A7892 - darker Slate Blue for backgrounds
SA7892 - lighter Slate Blue for H2 text
75644C - Taupe/Neutral Background
FCF5D3 - Light Beige
000000 - Black