Tea Tasting, December 13, 2:00-6:00pm

Tea Tasting at Silk Road Collection
Please join us on Saturday, December 13, 2-6 pm. We will be sampling five varieties, brewed fresh at Silk Road Collection.

Image of Tea CeremonyFive Types of Tea:
* Black - Your everyday tea here in the states and is usually consumed as iced tea. Definitely not as common in Asia. The Camellia Sinesis leaves are fully fermented, heavily oxidized and has a strong, bold flavor.

* Green - The most common tea made of Camellia Sinesis Leaves. Unlike black tea, green tea is processed soon after the leaves are picked so that they are only minimally oxidized. Then either steamed or pan-fired to give it the grassy and sometimes nutty taste. Can be mixed with flowers or fruit to add scent and flavor.

* Chinese Oolong - Falls in between green and black tea as the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant are only partially oxidized and lightly fermented. It is full bodied, flavorful and fragrant and possibly has the most health benefits. Also known as "wu long" (black dragon) and we are not sure about how the tea came to be, there are a couple of theories. Possibly first made in the Wuyi mountains of the Fujan Province.

* White - Made from immature Camellia Sinesis Leaves that are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened. It is the purest and least processed with very little caffeine. It is pale in color with a sweet silky taste. Chinese Royalty were once the only people to be privileged enough to drink the tea beginning in the Tang Dynasty.

* Blooming Flower - The Camellia Sinesis leaves are hand-picked and hand sewn around flowers by tea artists and look like little flower buds. These teas really do blossom into beautiful bouquets of shapes and flavors as they steep.