Prospect 1 New Orleans - Asian Fusion Art at Silk Road Collection

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Prospect New Orleans Art Exhibit at Silk Road Collection

"Asian Fusion" Art Exhibit by Polo and Myra Williamson

In conjunction with Prospect.1 New Orleans, Silk Road Collection presents "Asian Fusion", an exhibit and sale of contemporary paintings by the artists Polo and Myra Williamson. In conjunction with Silk Road Collection, a source for Asian antiquities, both Polo and Myra have created bodies of contemporary artwork that are infused with an Asian influence.

From November 1 2008 to January 18 2009, Prospect.1 New Orleans, the largest biennial of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States, will open to the public in museums, historic buildings, and found sites throughout New Orleans. Silk Road Collection is pleased to join with Prospect New Orleans in a satellite exhibit featuring our artists, Polo and Myra Williamson.

Polo Candle EnlightenmentPolo: Silk Road Collection delights in presenting the Asian influenced abstract paintings by cultural artist, Polo. In the past, Polo’s paintings from his "Forms of Meditation" series were centered on his presentations of the various processes of Buddhist meditation. His latest work, the series entitled "Enlightened Path", continues the same theme, but with different color and conceptual lines to represent the extended subjects and modes of meditation. This work continues to represent the fluid forms and the movement of free thoughts.

In Polo's words, "Enlightened Path is the way to enrich yourself with spiritual knowledge. The sun, moon, and the light of the candles are used as the guide to your Enlightened Path."

Myra Williamson: As Myra says, "It's all about the art." Preferring mixed media, Myra enjoys working with textures, painting on wood (hollowed wood doors) which are cut, finished and primed with gesso; she then uses some oil, but mostly acrylics as well as water based plaster to express her vision. When she is inspired to add script to the work, it is rendered in graphite. Myra tends to gear pieces as to how they will look in an interior. When creating a piece, it is more for the objects around it rather than just the piece, and she gives a great deal of thought to what will work in a particular room.

Myra Williamson Decadance and EleganceMyra describes her work by saying, "For me, becoming an artist was never a conscious decision. It was something that just naturally evolved. Falling under the spell of European Masters and local artists alike, I felt I needed to explore my own interpretation of beauty, light, and design. My passion brings me beyond the technique in order to interpret the subject in different ways and to expand that interpretation into my own personal statement."

Silk Road Collection offers a satelite exhibit to the Prospect 1 New Orleans Art Biennial.