Buy Asian furniture for sale with secure shopping.Antique Asian Furniture, from Anhui Province China, Square Table w/Carved Phoenix w/Panels of Shell & Mineral Inlay

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Approximate Age: late 1800's
Origin: Anhui Province, China
Material:Camphor (Zhang) and Fir (Cong)
Dimensions:Width: 40.5" (103cm)
Depth:  39.5" (100.3cm)
Height: 35" (89cm)
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Square Table w/Carved Phoenix w/Panels of Shell & Mineral Inlay


Beautiful patina. All carving intact.

Furniture from Anhui province has very delicate lines and detailed carving, and is often constructed of fragrant woods, like camphor.

This table was designed for the main hall of an affluent home. There may have been a flower vase or bowl of fruit placed on its panel-top surface. The slightly splayed legs suggest that it was never intended as a serving or game table. The surface is covered with a few (probably 20) coats of the natural tree lacquer which has created a deep reddish brown hue. Each of the leg joints is adorned with pierced carving of phoenix (interior) and mystic animals (exterior). Each side slat contains a low relief carving of a scene from the Chinese Opera and depicts a life lesson. The surface of each carving has been decorated with crushed shell and mica.

Silk Road Collection is proud to offer this antique treasure from the private collection of Kimberly Hessler, noted Chinese furniture expert and author.

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