Home or Outside Office Design

The sad truth is that you and I probably spend more of our waking hours at the office than at home.

So, design your home office or workspace as much as your or your corporate policy will allow. Why? because you and the company will benefit—you’ll be more comfortable and they’ll reap increased productivity.

Balance professionalism and the needs of your office with your personal expression.

Choose ergonomic furniture to support your body and reduce injury.

Select lighting for the general area, your tasks, and as design accents.

Place your computer at a right angle to a window to reduce glare—never in front of a window.

Design with colors for purpose: Yellow, orange and red to create excitement & to portray friendliness and intimacy Blue and green, to install a calming effect & to portray formality and reserved behavior

Likewise, select furniture colors for purpose: Dark woods for formality Lightwoods for a contemporary or casual feel