Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Why an Interior Designer?

Why hire an interior designer? Simply put, to achieve a more beautiful and functional outcome then if you did it alone.

Interior decorators are trained to offer advice on decorating; whereas, an interior designer is trained and licensed to help with decorating but also with issues of architecture, environment, electrical, plumbing, building codes, etc.--its the art & science of designing.

When all of these elements are solved together creatively, they are more harmonious, aesthetically attractive and enhance the quality of life of your family.

An interior designer will first learn about your room’s functional requirements, your aesthetic vision, and your budget. Then they will seek to weave these into the space’s inherent characteristics or suggest changes.

Your designer will walk you through the decision-making processes about color, lighting, balance, textures, fabrics, and furniture style.

The partnership between you and your interior designer can help make your life easier, your design decisions more informed and your home more comfortable and beautiful.

To find a designer in your area click on American Society of Interior Designers