Tissue Paper Wall Treatment

Tissue Paper Wall Treatment

In New Orleans, we use paper & glue, paper mache, to create elaborate Mardi Gras floats, so why cover our walls with it?

I have recently come across this interesting faux-technique, using tissue paper. Not the Kleenex kind but the gift-wrapping kind.

This application can give a wall great depth of color and an interesting texture. Moreover, it works great on Katrina walls that have become cracked, bumpy or uneven.

The technique is simple:

Buy about 100 sheets of tissue per wall.

Apply wallpaper glue directly onto a portion of the wall.

Place a sheet of tissue onto glue.

Brush out wrinkles, but not all—as this will give the wall part of its texture.

Apply a coat of glue over a portion of the first tissue so you can overlap it with another piece of tissue—this will provide depth.

Paint the wall with colored latex glaze.

Apply a second coat of glaze to increase or decrease the color, for a slight aged effect.