Understanding Your Style

Understanding Your Style

Previously we’ve discussed defining your style. Let’s continue that conversation.

It’s important for your surroundings to reflect and be in harmony with your true self.

If you enjoy floral patterns, pretty colors, keepsakes and lots of pillows-- then you like to decorate with frills.

If you instead prefer neutral colors, stripes, natural wood, and glass--then you like a more tailored look.

Ask yourself questions about your formality and informality. In which room does your family eat? Do you like to decorate with whimsy and wit? Do you like to entertain? If so, in which rooms? Do you prefer fine fabrics and luxury materials?

Be honest: Do you like to decorate with accessories that show where you’ve traveled, your degrees, your accomplishments and your VIP friends?

Do you NEED order, functionality and control?

Do you prefer to be anonymous, quiet and calm?

Use these insights to better understand and articulate your design vision and your style.