You probably have at least one, some of you have five or more, some of you are proud of it and some of you try to hide it away. Ah the tube, the tellie, the T…..V…..

The television, can for many people, be a design headache. Do you try to design its visual impact away? or embrace it and make it a focal point?

Today, I believe an answer is to allow the TV to be part of your design statement, but only in specific rooms.

If you have an entertainment room, then your super-sized-large screen TV makes sense. In this type of setting, position all seating so that everyone can easily view the screen unobstructed.

In a family area, to minimize the TV’s box, place it in a stand-alone or in built-in wall units or invest in a flat-screen TV.

A small, super-thin, plasma-screen TV might make sense in the master bathroom or in a kitchen.

In bedrooms, I recommend you hide it away in an armoire.

In formal living rooms and dining rooms-No TV.

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