I believe old-time steamer trunks, once used for ocean-going voyages, offer us today many design opportunities.

There were designed like mini-closets and were accessed while placed vertical. They had many doors, rods for hanging, drawers for folded items and open space for bulk storage.

Today a restored streamer trunk could be a cool auxiliary closet idea for a young child—it’s about their height and within their reach.

Or perhaps in your bedroom, as a design focal point to hold your jewelry, hats, shoes and other accessories.

Smaller and simpler travel trunks have fewer features but can be used as end tables, nightstands or as coffee tables.

They all offer great out-of-the-way storage.

Think about hanging larger trunks or chests on walls vertically in the kitchen, making them kitchen cabinets—just add shelving.

Discover antique chests and trunks with hand-painted images, bold iron works and carvings.

Or refinish one using fabric, leather or a fun faux technique.