Track Lighting

TRACK LIGHTING We all at times enjoy being in the spotlight. So why not shine a spotlight on the focal points in your rooms? Track lighting can accomplish this.

These movable, directional lights can be aimed at artwork, countertops, walls, accent furniture or other room features, directly on work surfaces or into pantries or closets.

Track lighting installation is easy, inexpensive and works with new construction or remodeling. Generally, track lightning is a contemporary style; so keep this in mind if your rooms are more traditional.

Select white fixture heads to blend into a white ceiling or make a statement with black or silver heads.

Options abound for the track itself; as well as, the size, style, and color of the light fixtures.

Consider the type of light you want (incandescent, or halogen) before you select the track. Halogen light is a more brilliant white light that enhances all colors and last longer.