Go ahead, touch it.

Textures entice us to touch and feel them. Whether they be soft velvety fabrics on throw pillows or seaweed and bamboo woven furniture.

Textures are powerful mood and style makers in any room.

Use texture to create contrast among the items adjacent. This contrast evokes interest to our eyes and therefore appeals to us.

Consider this, if every item in a white room was also white-you could still create interest by using surfaces of different textures.

Texture is a great way to increase or decrease light reflected or absorbed in a room.

Be subtle with texturing in small areas; but be bolder in larger areas.

In general, the lighter, smoother and silkier the textures--the airier the space.

The rougher, coarser and furrier the textures--the smaller and cozier the space.

Traditional décor works well with texturing but not sharp contrasts. In a Country décor, there are usually many textured items. In addition, in a Contemporary decor be dramatic with your texturing.