Perhaps all carpets are magical. Carpet making is an ancient technique.

The word Carpet is derived from the Latin word, meaning to pluck – perhaps pulling wool from a sheep.

There are 3 basic categories of carpets:

Homemade carpets, these have charm.

Machine-made carpets- today, these are plentiful and least expensive.

And handmade carpets, these are costly but are the most beautiful and durable, some lasting hundreds of years.

The best-known types of handmade carpets are Oriental carpets.

These include carpets handmade in China and the Far East, India, and the Middle East. These are usually made of silk, wool or cotton.

Generally speaking the more knots the better.

For a quality oriental rug: There will be about 800-900 knots per si. So a room-sized carpet would require about 1.5 million knots, which could take a talented craftsman 2-3 years to knot.

Oriental carpets are a decorators delight because of the robust colors and intricate patterns.