Red and blue when combined make purple—my favorite color. And I think it should be used more, don’t be afraid of it.

There is even a website, www.ThePurpleStore.com where everything for sale is purple: ties, underwear, tools and car mufflers.

I’m not suggesting you paint your shotgun double deep purple, but accenting with the various tones of purple in your rooms can be beautiful and exciting.

Some of the tones of purple are: Violet Indigo Lilac Mauve Plum and raspberry And Lavender Notice these names are mostly organic.

Deep, rich purple is often associated with royalty, mystery, spirituality, exoticness and wisdom and creativity.

Strong purple can best be used in contrast to neutral and pastel colors.

Pastel purples-like lilac and mauve-create a feeling of romance and seem feminine.

Deep gray-purple tones, like plum, seem airy, peaceful & inviting.