Protecting Fabrics

Protecting Fabrics

You spend a lot on money on upholstered furniture, rugs, bed covers and drapes. So invest a little more to make sure your beautiful fabrics are protected from stains and everyday grime.

Commercial fabric protection began in the early 50’s. Chemist, Patsy Sherman and her associates at the 3-M corporation discovered by accident compounds that would repel oil and water from fabrics. A great day in fabric protection!

Some fabric protectors are applied directly at the mill and others can be applied in the store or at home—just make sure that all your fabrics have some form of protection. A protective finish does not eliminate the necessity of properly caring for fabrics. It does not put a plastic cover on it.

So, loose dirt should be vacuumed and brushed away before it becomes embedded and harder to remove. And spills and stains should be cleaned away quickly by following the manufacturer's care instructions.

So now that your fabrics are protected, enjoy that glass of merlot while sitting on your new white velvet sofa.