Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Rooms

POP QUIZ TIME! What is the largest room on your property? Tick tick tick tick, Ring bell! Times up. It’s your outdoor room.

Design and decorate your outdoor area as you would any other space in your home.

Outdoor spaces can be designed to be: Entertainment areas, Cooking & Eating areas, A natural Pantry area for live herbs and vegetables, Play area, Rest & Mediation area, Gardening and Art-filled area, A Storage area, Or any mix of these.

All of our knowledge of interior design applies. Create links and transitions between your indoor and your outdoor style. Balance and create harmony between the natural and the manufactured elements of the space. Establish a color scheme for plants, flowers and furniture. Work with Light = Sun, shade and artificial. Keep in mind the outdoor flooring of grass, decking and stone & the outdoor ceiling-of sky, trees, and coverings.

Now sit back and enjoy the largest and perhaps the most beautiful room on your property.