Many ancient cultures avoided it out of fear; today our culture loves it—our own reflection in a mirror.

The Chinese and the Egyptians were among the first people to create mirrors, made of polished metal, around 800 BC.

Today, mirrors are an essential element in our homes and provide us with great decorating opportunities.

We use them to reflect our own image, To reflect light, To create the illusion of expanded space, And just for their beauty.

We can successfully use mirrors on doors, walls, as windowpanes, as accessories, as art, and yes even on ceilings.

In the Art Deco style, mirrors (clear and colored) were required. Just be sure your use of mirrors does not contribute to a cold and harsh environment.

The angle at which we hang a mirror will determine what is reflected. An interesting design technique, is to face mirrors to each other, so they reflect each other into infinity………