Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be the most inviting room in your home.

Yes, this may be where all your designer clothes are stored, but more importantly this is where you and your significant other find refuge, comfort, rest, and share intimacy.

* Select colors, fabrics, lighting and patterns that promote and evoke these feelings for you.

* Invest in a comfortable mattress.

* Select bedside tables or cabinets that are the same height as the top of your mattress. This will make it more convenient for you when reaching for your book, glasses, alarm clock, or goblet of wine.

* Consider placing a bench or a chest at the foot of the bed that you can sit on when putting on or taking off your shoes and socks.

* Consider a non-traditional headboard. We suggest wooden screen dividers.

* Hide the TV in an antique armoire or cabinet.

Also, consider creating semi-private spaces within your bedroom area. Imagine French doors opening onto your own private breakfast balcony; or a nook or a corner with your favorite comfortable chair, an antique table and a Chinese screen next to an inviting window for reading, music or dressing or smooching.

All of these concepts and ideas equally apply to your guest bedrooms.