Kitchen Island Table

Kitchen Island Tables Families are getting smaller but kitchens are getting bigger. And part of our larger kitchen look is the kitchen island. They offer extra workspace and storage but with decorative interest, personality and style.

The kitchen island can be as simple as a small table or as elaborate as a custom-build, electrified, plumbed, tiled cooking center with a wine rack, book shelves, deep frying area, sink, cook top, and a 2nd dishwasher.

Some people like flexibility so they choose to place casters on their islands for rolling but most are fixed-in space.

Most islands are 36” high, the same as counter tops. But if you want to incorporate a section for snacking or dining, modify the height.

To add a nostoglistic style to your kitchen area use an antique table with a marble top.

Always select the island top for durability, look and food preparation hygiene.