Home Decorating Ideas and Tips by Donald

Silk Road Collection's Donald St.Pierre prepared and presented weekly decorating ideas and tips which were aired every Saturday on New Orleans radio station "Diva 92.3FM".

"Donald's Diva Decorating Report" offered radio listeners and you, a visitor to the Silk Road Collection website, exciting decorating concepts, ideas and tips centered around HOME -- that special place where each of us feels most loved, comfortable, secure and a up-lifting sense of well-being.

Being a Silk Road Collection visitor you already have great taste, style and an eye for design. My hope is to reinforce those great ideas you already have, and to further enhance and broadened your understanding of home decorating. I offer my ideas for your home's layout, furniture, colors, lighting, fabrics, outdoor rooms, accessories and more.

Click on the following links to either read or listen to Donald's home decorating ideas and tips.


A distinctive manner of expression or technique when decorating.

Movable articles that are necessary, useful, or desirable that are used in readying an area (as a room or patio) for occupancy or use.


When elements are solved together creatively, they are more harmonious, aesthetically attractive and enhance the quality of life of your family.

A partitioned or unpartitioned part of the inside of a building suitable or fit for a particular human use


Visual signals in decorating that help to shape our moods, feelings and sense of being

Your unique special touches given to a room that pull your style together.

Focal Point

A purposeful placement of a piece of furniture, architectural element, art, or accessory that captures the attention of the viewer.

The manner in which technical details or a craft are applied to achieve a desired aim or effect.


Electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength traveling with a speed of about 186,281 miles per second and which is visible to the human eye.