Starting Over After Hurricane Katrina

Starting Over

Due to Hurricane Katrina, so many in the New Orleans area have rebuilt their homes or may still be rebuilding and redesigning their homes.

I understand this can be an overwhelming task—so many things to do, so many contractors and suppliers to incorporate into the process, and so many decisions to make.

Many people tell me they are trying to make “lemonade out of the lemons of Katrina” by embracing this opportunity-to both design their homes and their lives to more closely suit them today.

But where to begin? After the gutting, look around your empty house to find a major architectural feature-a fireplace, a large window, a staircase, a room with a view, or your favorite area.

Start imaging and designing at that one point. Once you have a vision for that one area, enlarge your vision to include the whole room, then the house.

Design in small steps, the rest will follow the lead and your new home and new world can be better than before.

Good luck.