Home Altars

Home Altars

We are all familiar with the biblical and pre-biblical uses of altars in public sacred spaces. They were first made of simple earth, then carved from stone and then artistically crafted from wood.

Many cultures brought the sacred altar concept into their personal homes and lives. They used “home altars” to place sacred family items and offering to their deity.

Most notable were the Chinese-crafted altars. These altar tables were generally slender, had flared ends and many were beautifully carved, stained, painted or lacquered.

Today, we can create our own sacred space, featuring an antique or modern altar table. Use it to feature items that are special and/or sacred to you and your family.

These can include religious or spiritual objects; loved-one cremation remains, displays of nature, beautiful objects, art, or cherished things like your child’s recent hand painting.