Natural Holiday Decorating

Natural Holiday Decorations

The Fall holiday season approaches with Halloween, Eid, All Saint’s Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa and Christmas.

Decorate for each of these special days by bringing some of the outdoors indoors. Go directly into your yard or perhaps a public park and search for natural items that represent for you, a celebratory aspect of the holiday.

These items can include pinecones, moss, nuts, twigs, vines, seedpods, colorful leaves, flowers, a discarded bird’s nest and of course garden harvest items.

You can get out your hot glue gun and work wonders with wreaths or you can simply place these natural items around the house or on your dinner table. Remember grouping items near each other is visually more effect than just random singular placement.

Place items like pumpkins and gourds on plates or trays as they can leak after a while.

Just as you include the kids in decorating a Christmas tree, get them involved in finding these natural treasures and placing them around the house.

Hot glue gun $15 dollars, natural items found in yard $0, Quality time with your kids, well you know, priceless.