Classic Patterns

Classic Patterns

A pattern is a repetition of lines, forms, colors, designs, etc. and is found not only on printed fabrics but also naturally in wood, stone, marble and in other materials.

Consciously or unconsciously, we find a certain amount of repetition and order comforting but we also respond to patterns with interest and imagination.

Today we are going to discuss some of the tried and true classic types of patterns.

Calico = repetition of small, brightly colored floral patterns.

Chintz = large-scale floral repetitions and a glazing is often applied to fabrics.

Flame stitch = repetition of flickering flames and usually very colorful.

Gingham = repetition of two colors checks.

Stripes = repeated vertical lines.

Herringbone = repetition of a diagonal ridge that reverses direction periodically and creates a vertical stripe effect.

And Toile = repetition of pastoral scenes.