Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

In New Orleans, many of our beautiful and historic hardwood floors were damaged by the storm.

Here are some ideas to consider when salvaging or reinstalling your home’s hardwood floors.

There are two types of hardwood floors: First, 100% solid wood, which can be sanded and refinished. Second, Engineered flooring, also 100% wood but not as easily sanded and refinished but it does offer superior strength and moisture humidity control, due to its bonding method.

The color of each piece of wood is a result of its natural color and graining.

Stain color and gloss finish are up to you. Low gloss tends to cover imperfections; whereas high gloss accents the beauty as well as any flaws.

Edging options include, square, eased, and beveled—with each offering a different look.

And best of all, hardwood floor maintenance is easy: Sweep or dust mop once a week and clean spills and heavy dirt immediately.