Green Design

Green Design

Louisiana now has a Green Building Code chapter dedicated to promoting conserving our resources while creating and sustaining the environment.

What does this actually mean if you are currently remodeling or rebuilding your home? Here are some of their ideas.

Select roofing materials that reflect sunlight. Install a thermal heat system in your attic to create hot water for your home. Plant native and drought resistant plants and scrubs. Install an underground heat pump to transfer warmth into your home or take it out. Build with certified, sustainable wood products. Use insulation throughout your house. Use roof overhangs to block out the intense summertime sun. Install a rainwater catchment system for non-drinkable uses-laundry, toilet, landscaping.

Incorporating these into your new home will save you money in future operating costs, increase your home’s resale value and help to conserve our natural resources.

To find out more-talk with your architect, your interior designer or your contractor.