Not all that glitters is always gold---sometimes it’s silver.

You can enjoy the dramatic effects of precious metals on your walls, molding, ceilings or furniture through the technique of gilding.

Gilding is a technique in which a very, very thin strip of a precious metal is applied to a surface, and then adhered to that surface with a protective coating.

One of the best effects of gilding is that it still allows the color of the surface to be revealed; thereby, creating unique and varying patinas.

The gilding process began in Egypt. During my travels, I have also seen it beautifully used in France, Italy, the Middle East, India, Nepal and in China.

On smaller projects, you will probably be successful with gilding but on larger projects, I recommend hiring a gilding profession.

Gilding reflects light and creates a warm look in any room.

A room with gold gilding takes on an old-world look and speaks of historic power and prestige but also speaks today of your refined tastes and sense of formality.

Gilding with silver creates a more modern or Deco look and feel.

Moreover, one of the best uses of gilding is for food. Yes, there is edible gold leaf for strawberries and chocolates and pastries and cakes….