Enliven your Decor, Enliven your Senses


Your rooms do not have to undergo a major renovation to enliven your senses. With a few simple, inexpensive changes, you will feel you have a new home and a fresh outlook on life!

Decorate by focusing on your senses. You'll be amazed how simple additions can transform a space.

Unclutter your spaces by getting rid of anything extra in your rooms to create open, clean spaces.

Add a touch of Mother Nature by adding fresh, healthy plants and flowers. They can really perk up a space and your attitude.

Move furniture around to create different and more visually exciting areas.

Get out the paint and change the look of a room or a piece of furniture.

Create a new mood by appealing to your sense of smell with potpourri, incense or scented candles.

Install a gurgling tabletop water fountain to provide a soothing and relaxing background sound.