Discovering Your Style

Discovering Your Style

Understanding, choosing and applying STYLES can be very intimidating: Victorian, Asian, Post-modern, Deco, American Country, English Country, Eclectic, French, Classic. Don’t let it be. Your natural tastes will come out in your designs.

To help you understand your design tastes, first understand some basic design fundamentals: Your design styles should promote your feelings of comfort and well-being. The general style of your home’s interior should relate to your home’s exterior architecture. Don’t forget about the function, comfort, and convenience of the styles you choose.

To help you discover your design tastes:

Become aware of styles that appeal to you, Become aware of styles that do not appeal to you, Ask questions, Collect magazines photos, Consider colors & experiment with them in test areas, Take non-credit classes, Read self-help books, Watch TV design programs, or consult with a professional designer.

Remember your style will reflect you.