Dining Areas

Dining Areas

Pop quiz time—where in your home did you eat your last meal? I bet there are many answers.

Today, we Americans are eating our meals all over our homes:

At the kitchen table, At the snack bar, At the dining room table, From a TV tray or table, At a small table set up in the Master Bedroom or home office, Or outside on the porch, deck, patio or at the pool.

While gathering the family around a table to share a meal is healthy in many ways, take into consideration the other options. Design these areas to accommodate eating and to enhance the experience.

Keep eating accessories (plates, glassware, silverware, napkins) stored nearby. Create a mobile condiment holder. Buy large, sturdy trays to carry foods to and from the other areas. Are the chairs and sofa comfortable to sit in while eating? Is the area well lighted for eating?

So wherever your next meal is, Bon appetite!