Craftsmanship = Quality Furniture

Many of you are buying furniture and it can be overwhelming-different styles, various levels of craftsmanship, pricing, manufactured or hand-made, new vs. antique.

Simple rule of thumb--Buy the best quality furniture you can afford. Quality furniture will hold up better and longer under normal conditions and even during extreme conditions-like our area faced recently.

Think about it, quality materials and quality craftsmanship allow us to own and still use furniture crafted hundreds of years ago.

Select furniture that is designed with style, proportion and comfort.

Select furniture made from hardwoods-trees that loose their leaves in winter--like oak, ash, cypress and maple.

Look for carefully constructed pieces that are joined—which mean the pieces of furniture are crafted to fit into the adjoining pieces.

Is the veneer many layers thick? Are there multiple coats of finish?

Is the hardware sturdy & has a protective finish for long term wear.

Buy furniture today that your grandchildren will admire and enjoy and be grateful for you.