Color Magic

Color Magic

We’ve all taken the color optical illusion test and understand that the use of colors can trick the eye and mind. When designing your space use these color tricks.

A room with filled with dark wood furniture? Use an area rug with vibrant colors and patterns. Accent with a window treatment of coordinated colors and fabric on tabletops. These will soften the hard, flat texture look of the furniture and its boxiness.

A long, dark hallway with many doors? Paint the ceiling a light color. Paint each door a coordinated light color or be bold and paint each door a contrasting color. Install lighting that will let the colors you select live.

Walls that appear too tall for a room? Add molding a foot or more below the ceiling and paint both the upper part of the wall and ceiling a slightly darker color than the wall.

For a room that appears to short, use a lighter color above the molding and ceiling.