Attention Fashion Divas, on average, we only wear 20% of what is in our closets. The other 80% takes up space. So be brave and be generous to others.

Design your storage for the fortunate 20% using a mixture of: Armoires Cabinets Closets Drawers Shelves

A walk-in closet between the bedroom area and bathroom area might be the best layout.

Analyze your needs for clothes, shoes and accessories that can be hung, folded, or displayed.

Place rods at various heights for shirts, pants, coats and dresses. Place shelving above or below the shorter hanging areas.

Different colored sweaters on viewable shelves can be very attractive--due to their colors and textures.

Instead of closet doors, hang luxurious draperies or fabrics.

Consider full-length mirrors on the inside and/or outside of the closet doors,

Use adjustable shelving to give you storage flexibility.

Install jamb switches that automatically turn on overhead lights when the doors are opened.