Christmas Tree Decorating


In decorating a Christmas tree and your Christmas home everything is permissible and everything is beautiful. From the multi-storied tree in Rockefeller Center to the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in a FEMA trailer.

But there are general elements to Christmas decorating that make most of us go WOW. Here are a few of those proven techniques:

Most of all use the decorating sense you already have for interior decorating.

Decide will your decorating be formal or informal? Select a color scheme based on decorations you already have or based on the colors in your home.

Vary the size of the tree ornaments; use small, medium, and larger ornaments. Pair garland in varying widths for more interest. Mix light sizes on the tree and layer the lights and ornaments throughout the inside of the tree. Repeat - Add consistency throughout your holiday home by repeating colors, themes, and decorating elements. If your theme allows use a mix of textures in holiday decor. Use shiny and flat glass ornaments, velvet and twigs, crystals and pinecones. And all-important the tree’s top should kiss the ceiling.

But remember to water your tree regularly—they get very thirsty.