Bean Bags

Bean Bags

Ask a 19 year old about a design topic and you might end up, as I did, with a design suggestion to write about…bean bags.

Bean bags, design and decorating...somehow none of those words seem to go together. But what the hell lets give it a try.

Bean bags came into being in the 1960’s—and doesn’t that somehow say it all.

They are bags filled with b e a n s.

Well I want to know, if in New Orleans that means red beans, if in Boston that means baked beans or in El Paso does that mean refined beans?

In reality, bean bags are filled with peanuts. Peanut sized chunks of styrofoam, shredded polyurethane or polystyrene peanuts.

Bean bag coverings can include any type of fabric, or plastic, or vinyl or nugahide. Even a bean bag covered in leather or mink, it will still be a bean bag.

The 19th year-old also offered these attributes, “They stick to you when you sweat” and “when they burst you can have fun with all the floating peanuts.”