Basic Color 101

Basic Color 101

As the book, “Home Decorating for Dummies” says, Color is a magic wand-it can create optical illusions, alter moods and reflect your personality.

A color is generally never presented alone-it is always viewed with other colors in the sight range. So you always have to consider how a color looks and works next to other colors—your color scheme.

Since grade school you have heard of the primary colors of red, yellow, blue & the secondary colors of orange, green and violet. All other colors are mixtures of these.

The cool colors of green and blue create a feeling of calmness but can be emotionally distant. The warm colors of red and yellow create a feeling of excitement and friendliness.

Generally your color scheme will use: The main color on the walls, floor and ceiling. The secondary color in the furniture, upholstery and window treatments. And the tertiary color on your accent pieces, art,and molding.