Authentic Furniture

Authentic Furniture

Authentic, reproduction or fake? These are questions I must answer during my trips to China when seeking authentic furniture for my shop.

None of these are good or bad, but they often affect price.

The point is, I want to discern this so I can represent the piece of furniture’s history or story as honestly as possible.

A more informed buyer can then better decide which furniture will best meet their needs, design style and budget.

Authentic, or antique furniture, was crafted over 100 years ago. It may have had some touch ups over the years and it will probably have signs of wear and tear-these often add character to the piece.

A fake has been recently crafted and artificially aged but its seller is trying to dishonestly present it as an authentic period piece for his or her personal gain. The piece is still the piece and you may love it.

A reproduction is a piece of furniture that has been recently crafted in the image, style or technique of an antique piece. The seller honestly informs you of its recent history.

Investigate, ask questions, deal with reputable merchants and select what you like best.