Honey!, I’m home….”clop, clop, clop, clop footsteps.” This is cool if you like living in cave but for the rest of us, choose materials that absorb sound.

Building materials and décor materials either absorb or reflect sound waves.

Flat, hard surfaces reflect and cause sound to bounce around-noisy. Soft and textured surfaces absorb sound-quite.

Reduce noise levels by: Insulating well around appliances and plumbing, Decorating with area rugs on hardwood, marble and ceramic floors, Selecting upholstered furniture and heavy drapes, or Accessorizing with pillows.

Solve your noise problem by determining from where the noise is originating-upstairs, downstairs, entertainment areas, or outside.

If you do live next to freight train route or the interstate, you can even mitigate these noises. Plant trees and shrubs, insulate windows or just close your shutters.