Don’t be afraid of owning and designing with antique furniture. Technically, furniture crafted more than 100 years ago is classified as an antique. It could have been crafted in Europe, Asia, Africa, or in early America.

Currently Asian-inspired antique furniture is very popular and is used beautifully as accent pieces.

Obtain antique furniture by inheriting, purchasing or finding it.

Don’t be overwhelmed with how old it is. If you love it, that’s what counts most. If you know its story or history, that’s even better.

Adding antique furniture to any general style can be very exciting and dramatic. Use antiques in imaginative and modern ways.

Consider furnishing your home with antiques of the same period as your home’s architecture- you will create a unified feeling both inside and out.

But also be free to add “historic” dimension to your home with antiques from different periods.

Remember today’s antiques were yesterday’s modern cutting edge design.