Please join in celebrating the grand opening of our new store at 2109 Magazine Street!

Join us
The storeSaturday, March 2nd, 2013
The Grand Opening Celebration
Silk Road Collection's
New Store
2109 Magazine Street, New Orleans.

10am - Store opens. Discover beautiful and affordable Asian antique furniture and home decor! Plus, all guests who register during the day will receive a Good Fortune Red Envelope, with some envelopes containing store coupons for up to $250 off of merchandise!Lion Dancers

2pm-3pm - Lion Dance Performance: Experience a local temple dance group performing the ago-old traditional Asian lion dance in front of our new store location. The lion dance is guaranteed to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to the new store and all its visitors and customers.

3pm-4pm - Tai Chi demonstration/class in front of the store. Follow the instructors and join in! Tai Chi Ch'uan is an Chinese martial art that was traditionally taken up by kung fu masters in mid-life. It blends close-range self-defense techniques for unbalancing an attacker with deep breathing, slow, flowing exercises for lower body and core strength and joint mobility; and meditative concentration. Though Tai Chi is practiced slowly, Tai Chi masters are renowned for their blinding speed in application, as the muscles are trained under conditions of deep relaxation and focus.

Tai Chi was created for fighting; however, the same things that make it an effective self-defense system make it appealing to today's health and fitness conscious person. Daily practice helps keep muscles relaxed, posture straight, increases balance and coordination, builds a strong mind body connection with acute awareness to your internal and external environment and increase energy and blood flow throughout the body.

Tai ChiBrian Adams is a first degree Black Sash in Tai Chi and a 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu having studied both for the last 12 years. He is the senior student for Sifu Joseph Meissner located in the New Orleans neighborhood of Bywater and has recently opened an adult fitness gym, named Cypress Fitness; which embraces the philosophy of recovery and relaxation along with the more rigorous physical aspects of fitness training. At Cypress Fitness he teaches Kids Kung Fu and Tai Chi through Sifu Meissner's Shaolin-Do school. The internal martial arts taught include a wide range of disciplines including Yang and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (including weapons forms), Pa Kua Chang, Hsing Ie and a variety of meditative, breathing and Chi Gong exercises.

4pm-5pm - Asian Healing lecture: Join Debra Howard for an exploration of the Chinese medicine cosmology, the 'big picture' of the ancient Asian perspective of life. You will learn the basic theories of Chinese medicine and how everything interconnects; including Yin/Yang theory, the Five Phases, and Meridian Theory. Debra will also provide a description and demonstration of Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT).

Debra Howard is a lifelong student of healing arts practices and theories. Since 1993, she has supported Chinese-medicine-based Asian Bodywork Therapy through study, practice, teaching, writing, and volunteering. Debra is currently the Head Honcho of Affordable Healing Arts, a healing arts center in New Orleans for the professional practice of alternative, complementary, integrative, and indigenous healing arts. She is a licensed massage therapist (LA0294) and an AOBTA(R)-Certified Instructor, offering individual & group sessions as well as educational instruction.

5pm-6pm - Feng Shui lecture: feng shui Classical Feng Shui is a discipline like interior design and architecture and requires diligent study. It is one of the eight healing disciplines that have been passed down from the medicine healers of ancient China. Learn how to better understand and harness the healing energy in nature “Chi” in your life via your surroundings.

We are delighted that local Feng Shui teacher and instructor Wyming Sun has agreed to offer a Feng Shui class during our new store’s grand opening. In New Orleans at age 7, Wyming began learning Taoist arts from his father, a native Chinese. In 1992 Wyming became an indoor pupil of a Feng Shui master from Taiwan. For over two decades of international travel and teaching, Wyming has offered his Feng Shui services to hundreds of residences and businesses. To contact Wyming Sun for private Feng Shui consultations, telephone = 646-713-9184 and email =

5pm-8pm - Asian appetizers and drink. Feast on your favorite complimentary Asian appetizers and cool drinks. Chinese food

Children's origami craft classes All day on 2/March/2013, our neighbors at Zukababy ( at 2122 Magazine Street, will be joining in the celebration by offering children's origami craft classes.