Donald's Vision


After almost 30 years of working closely in and with small business, I declared to the universe (and to the few friends that would listen) that I was ready to begin my own small business. But I didn’t know what kind of small business.

The only clues to my developing vision were that I knew my business would be in my beloved city of New Orleans, and in my “mind’s eye”, I could see it located along Magazine Street-with its marvelous collection of specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, homes and coffee shops. Also I could “see” that my business would feature beautiful items that were somehow home related.

After a few months of making this declaration and through lots of serendipitous events, I learned that the originating owner of a Chinese antique furniture store on Magazine Street was offering her shop for sale. She still loved her store, which she had begun in 1999, but she loved her husband more, and he had taken a new job in Ohio.

I, along with my partner Robert, made the necessary calls, visited the shop, met the owner, created and analyzed numerous spreadsheets and dreamed. Quickly my vision became more fully developed.

My dream and vision became a reality on 31/Aug/04, when Patsy Chotin Perry transferred her Silk Road Collection to us. Immediately we three (Patsy, Robert and I) traveled to China searching, discovering and hand-selecting treasures to include in our new Silk Road Collection.

Today, we are living my vision. We own and operate a shop in New Orleans, located on Magazine Street. We feature exotic and beautiful furniture and home accessories from China.

Plus we have “bonus vision points’ by have the opportunity to travel to China frequently; meeting wonderful people there and of course getting to meet the wonderful people who walk into our shop and visit this site.

Now we are ready to assist you in making your decorating dreams and visions become a reality.