Oriental Antique Home Decorating From China: Good Fortune Porcelain Pillow

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Approximate Age: circa 1880
Origin: China
Dimensions:Width: 9.5" (24cm)
Depth:  4.25" (10.5cm)
Height: 4.5" (11.5cm)
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Porcelain Antique Pillow

SOLD - Please contact us, if you are interested in a similiar piece.

This pillow was featured in Inside-Out magazine.

This pillow is decorated with chrysanthemum flowers and other auspicious symbols to bring good fortune to the user. The shape is designed to support behind the neck as the sleeper lay on their back.

Porcelain pillows first appeared in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and their mass production began in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Porcelain pillows reached the climax in terms of production and use in the Song, Jin and Yuan dynasties (10th-14th century) and gradually phased out in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) with the emergence of better pillow-making materials. They continued to be made as decorative items.

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