We Love Eating in China


Food and eating in China is always an interesting, exciting, and tasteful adventure. While our group thought itself to be open for this eating adventure, we discovered we had tasting limits. One way for us to eat outside of our “eating comfort zone” was to ask our Chinese friends to order for us. They accept our request gladly and proudly. In turn, we found ourselves eating pig cheeks, sliced duck head (skull, brain, and peak), whole fish, duck feet, duck blood gelatin, and octopus. One on occasion, Robert ordered donkey stew but we did not order fried scorpions on a skewer or shark fin soup when we had the chance.

Robert’s favorite types of meal is hot pot - think fondue but without the cheese. In a hot pot restaurant, a bowl of broth with a sterno underneath is brought to the table. Also brought to the table are numerous dishes of uncooked vegetables, noodles, and meats. The objective is to cook whatever you like in the boiling broth. This only takes a few minutes for each strip of food. When cooked, you place the food in your private bowl and eat with rice and/or a mixture of different sauces. Some hot pot broths are spicy and some are mild. In Chongqing, we each had private broth bowls split into spicy and mild sections. Hot pot makes eating an activity.

Jennifer’s favorite type of Chinese food is the noodle. To her delight and ours, noodles are served in many ways; in soups, as pasta, stir-fried, soft, and even crunchy. Many of the noodles dishes were spicy.

Auntie Erika learned that she should not order western style foods. When she did, the food did not meet her expectations. She was pleased that most restaurants were able to provide her with a knife and fork upon request.

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