Chinese Symbolism - Furniture with Bat Designs

Carved Chinese BatsOne of our favorite decorative motifs on furniture and furnishings in our collection is the bat.
Associated with vampires and haunted houses in Western literature, in China, bats are a symbol of happiness and good fortune.
Even so, bats can still bring their share of bad luck. Practitioners of Feng Shui advise that casino interiors incorporate a decorative bat wing pattern to encourage gamblers to lose money at the betting tables.
While in the west, the arrival of even one bat can throw the house into a panic, Chinese folklore says the more bats, the merrier! Carved Chinese Bats from mirrorThe Five Bats of Happiness symbol, or Wu Fu, incorporates a circle of five bats representing long life, riches, health, love and a natural death.
All of the items on this page feature bats in their design.